V Exclusive! Lil Twist Talks ‘Twisted’ Debut, Inspiration From Andre 3000 & Memorable Tour Moments


As the Careless World Tour rolled into Chicago, VIBE had the opportunity to catch up with YMCMB’s very own Lil Twist.The 19-year-old Wayne protégé dished about his long-awaited debut album Don’t Get it Twisted, his admiration for Andre 3000, revealed memorable tour moments, and more! Check out what the young emcee had to say below. – Tyler McDermott

VIBE: At 19 years old, you’ve stayed strong on your grind as a part of YMCMB and you’re rapidly developing as a standout artist. What do you owe your success to thus far?
Lil Twist: I’m just having fun. We had it all planned out, as far as me being with Lil Wayne for 5 years. I’ve been with Lil Wayne before you guys even knew who Lil Twist was. So I was just building myself up as an artist, just having fun and we all had it planned out.

How would you describe the family element within YMCMB?
It’s definitely a family. I don’t even feel like it’s a label, especially when we all get together. It’s very tight knit. When we come together it’s always fun and amazing.

[Laughs] So, you’ve been hard at work prepping your debut album Don’t Get it Twisted. Do you feel like 2012 is your year?
The whole world better not get it twisted because this album is amazing! I worked really hard on this album. It’s me blowing up on 14 tracks. I have crazy collabs on there. And yeah, I do feel like this is going to be a strong year for me, especially when people actually open up their ears.

When can we expect Don’t Get it Twisted to drop?
Don’t Get it Twisted is set to drop this spring.

You recently collaborated with Justin Bieber on one of the tracks off the album. How did it feel to work with one of pop music’s top artists right now?
That’s my friend. I’ve been with Justin before he even dropped “Baby” and took off. Justin and I were recording on our Mac Books before then, and just to see where he’s went, where he’s at, and to do the record now, being able to hear the record, knowing what it’s going to do with him on is amazing.

Who else have you collaborated with on your album?
Besides Justin Bieber, you have 2 Chainz, Tyga, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, The Dream, Young Nation, the list goes on.

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