V Exclusive! Nicki Minaj Says ‘Roman Reloaded’ Has “Absolutely No Boundaries”

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Nicki Minaj gave VIBE’s Senior Editor, Clover Hope (@Clovito), the rundown on the direction of her upcoming sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Apr. 3).

VIBE: Is there a greater percentage of rap than singing on Roman Reloaded?
Nicki Minaj: I’m not going to break my album down based on percentage of rap and singing. What it is, is amazing music. And what it is, is music that I created and I had a blast making and it’s going to be very free and exhilarating.

What direction is it going in?
It’s going in a very free, exhilarating direction in terms of me owning who I am and me enjoying the process of making music. I think that when you get the album you’ll feel as if I had absolutely no boundaries. That’s probably the best way to explain it so that you understand. The album just has no boundaries. The album cannot be boxed in.

I just want to get a sense of what type of balance the album has.
You know what, I cannot break my album down into how the normal person like yourself would break an album down and say, well this is rap and this is pop. There is no rap or pop for me. It’s Nicki Minaj. It’s one collective body of amazing work. You’ll feel it. I don’t like the labels because sometimes just by one word or one label, a person can take that the wrong way and apply a negative spin to that. So I don’t give my music labels.