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V Exclusive! Precious Paris Explains How She Linked Up With 50 Cent

G-Unit’s First Lady just released her debut mixtape, From Paris With Love. But before you dive into this future classic, check out how Precious Paris linked up with 50 Cent and the G-Unit crew.

VIBE: Let’s start at the very beginning. Where did you meet Fif, how did y’all link up? 

Precious Paris: Well I was working with producers Midi Maffia and Dangerous LLC who happened to be producing for him at the time. They did ‘Amusement Park’ and ’21 Questions.” They got into 50 my demo and he called me to the office like a week later. So he was my first meeting. I was sitting in his office, scared to death ! That was my first meeting. 
Did he call you personally? 
No, he called my producers and said ‘let me see what she looks like because she sounds like she looks like a man.’ [Laughs] and so when I walked into his office he was like ‘you are a girl.!’ (Laughs) But you know it was my first meeting and it went straight to the top after that.  
So initially Did Fif want to sign you on the spot?
He did not sign me right away, however I did not let that get me down, I stayed in the studio even the times when I didn’t hear from him anymore. Something in the back of my head always told me that I would eventually be going to be G-Unit’s first lady. I prayed on it and then one day out the blue he gave me a call.
After that first meeting how much time went by before you heard from him again? 
It was a few years later but in the meantime he would call me to do little freelance stuff,  like the hook on TOS. I didn’t get credit and I did another song with him and LL Cool J “Heartbeat.” I sang the hook on that. Yeah, I sing ! 
Is that really how 50 is?
You never know when with 50. He’s very spontaneous. That’s one thing about 50 even to this day. So I’m always on point because I don’t know when I will get a call and have to do something so I’m always ready.
So what was it like he finally called you and said ‘I’m ready to make this official.'
Well after I got up off my knees from praying and thanking who I know is really responsible for that, I just went right to work. I didn’t even think twice about it or get too hype about it and I’m still not hype to this day. The only thing I want to do is work, work and work like when I leave here. I mean I think he respects me because I buried my mother about a month ago and as soon as I buried my mother, that same night I was in the studio and he happened to just pop up at the studio and saw me. I think he was a little shocked to see me.
And did he know what happened? 
Of course, he sent flowers. Everyone knew that my mother had just passed. He sent flowers to the funeral but I was at the studio that same night. 
Did you feel like he looked at you kind of different from that point? 
I did. He gave me a hug that I felt, I just felt the hug. I felt the sorrow but I also felt the appreciation for my hunger from my boss.

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