V Exclusive! Teairra Mari on Her Upcoming Album, Bringing Back ’90s R&B, Love & Hip-Hop Madness

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Fresh off of season-two of Love & Hip Hop, Teairra Mari is putting her focus solely on her music. Back with a update sexy sound (thanks to Rico Love), the Detroit songstress is readying her sophomore album–she has already released its first single, “U Did That.” The vixen dished to VIBE about her upcoming album, what it was like on the set of Love & Hip Hop and whether or not she’ll be returning. –Jazmine Gray

VIBE: How far along are you the album? Is there a title yet?

Teairra Mari: I’m only maybe like eight songs in. We’re still recording. I haven’t titled it yet. Once I get closer to the end, I’m sure the title will just come to me like it usually does for albums, Once I get a feel for what the album really is, even though I know what the sound is. The sound is very 90’s sexy R&B with that edge. It reminds me of New Jack Swing, Jodeci, Mary J. Blige early days.

Where do you think you’re headed in terms of the song topics?

I mean, the sound is sexy but all of the topics aren’t talking about sex. I have songs talking about my heart. I have songs talking about making love of course. I have songs talking about dancing. I have songs talking about my favorite song on the radio, go DJ, you know it’s all different topics. It’s not just focused on a sexual theme, it’s just that the sound is sexy.

I saw that you wanted to collab with Big Sean. What other features are you hoping to get?

Well, I’m not really a feature girl. I don’t really pride myself on features. I already got 2 Chainz on there. Like I said, Big Sean is one that I definitely have to work with and that’s pretty much it that. But I like female rappers like Lola Monroe. I love her; that’s my girl.  Diamond’s really doing her thing too. I like her. I mean, we’ll see what this album brings.

Speaking of which, what are some other artists you really think are doing their thing right now in music?

Maybach music is putting it down right now, Adele.

Love and Hip Hop got pretty interesting. What was it like being in the midst of the drama between Erica and Kimbella?

Absolute madness. It was crazy. I wasn’t expecting it so when it popped off, it was just like “Oh my God, where the hell am I? I didn’t sign up for this.” Because I was that close to being hit by a glass and I was just thinking like “Oh my God. I did not sign up for this.” I couldn’t believe it was happening. I didn’t even know Erica was coming to sit with us so it was just all a big surprise for me and Kimbella.

Who was the hardest to get along with onset?

Well, nobody for me. I didn’t have a bad time getting alone with anybody or a hard time getting along with anybody. Everybody was pretty nice. I mean, the producers know what buttons to push to get the scenes that they want to get as far as making people angry or making people look mean because they caught them in an angry moment. But for the most part, it was pretty easy and a joy to be around.

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