V Playlist: Odd Future, Snoop Dogg, Ace Hood, Joell Ortiz, Melody Thornton

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Tyler, The Creator x Hodgy Beats “NY (Ned Flander)

For how absurd the visuals of the music video are, the audio is disappointingly tame. Trying to connect the dots between Simpsons’ character Ned Flanders with the white trash parody of the music video and the usual lyrical jargon of Odd Future proved to be somewhat difficult. But then you remember this is an OFWGKTA production, so there probably aren’t any conscious undertones, and you move on.


Listen to “NY” here


Snoop Dogg “Stoner’s Anthem”

Hold the press—Snoop Dogg rapping about weed? Groundbreaking. But seriously, how many odes can our 40-year-old Smokey Snoopy dedicate to pot?  In his defense, the latest single “Stoner’s Anthem” holds a balmy melody and beat that would be ideal for a listener in, um, an elevated state of mind. Just saying.


Listen to “Stoner’s Anthem” here

Sean Price “Occupy All Streets”

Price tries to keep the social movement alive one hard-hitting beat at a time. Although Occupy Wall Street’s momentum has been dwindling lately, the Random Axe rapper only “occupies more heat” on his latest track.


Listen to “Occupy All Streets” here


Thee Tom Hardy feat. King Mez “Tom’s Comet”

“Doubting Thomas, doubting doubting Thomas, promise that you’ll care for me, promise me that you’ll be honest/ Often I’m in the studio studying, writing sonnets, it’s puzzling how I’m shooting for stars in Tom’s Comet.” Thee Tom Hardy exhibits his lyricism on his latest track alongside King Mez, and it’s successful on a cosmic level.


Listen to “Tom’s Comet”


Joell Ortiz “The Motto (Freestyle)”


Drake’s “The Motto” beat is the latest to get murdered by Slaughterhouse’s Brooklyn spitta Joell Ortiz. Though it seems he decided off a whim to jump on the beat from his living room, he still showed no mercy. Complete with sick punchlines and a decent amount of swag, Joell has reaffirmed his talents once again. He says, “And even though I hustled way, way back/ Everytime I twist my wrist, it still makes crack.” Seems as though a few naysayers still doubt his lyrical ability. Don’t make that mistake. YAOWA!


Listen to “The Motto (Freestyle)” here.


Busy Signal “Kingston Town”


It sounds like Busy Signal is looking to take reggae back to it’s slow tempo, tell-a-story roots. Deviating from the dance route the genre has taken in recent years, Busy sings of the perils of his native Kingston, Jamaica. The city where “every man ah fight fi wear the king’s crown” is well represented on this track in a rather refreshing way.This is also, apparently,the direction his upcoming album will take, so if you’re looking to “Step Out” like his 2005 hit, sorry to burst that bubble.



Listen to “Kingston Town” here.



Melody Thornton “Lipstick&Guilt”


Let’s face it: no one could have jumped on that “No Church in the Wild” beat, and it would still be insane; that instrumental stands alone. But what’s even better than someone jumping on it? An unlikely someone jumping on it. Former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton (for lack of a more accurate term) went HAM on this beat. Though she could have easily emulated Frank Ocean’s swag and simply changed the words, she brought her own feminine flair to the track, while retaining the dark nature of its sound. Ku-goddamn-dos, pussycat! Looking forward to the March 15th release of her mixtape “P.O.Y.B.L.”


Listen to “Lipstick&Guilt” here.


Austin Brown “Where You Are”


There’s simply no room for Austin Brown in a world of Jason Derulo’s, Miguel’s, Chris Brown’s, Trey Songz’s and Usher’s. His latest effort, “Where You Are” could have easily been sung by any of the aforementioned, and further, it could have been delivered better. He is new, so perhaps he has developing to do as a vocalist and artist, but this should not be where he caps out. Originality is key, and right now this kid just does not have “it.” Probably a review fitting for American Idol, but hey, it’s no less true.


Listen to “Where You Are” here.


Ace Hood “Hallucinations”


Ace Hood is not sitting around waiting to be validated. Momma must still need that house and the baby probably still need some shoes ! The Miami rapper continues to deliver good music and display his lyrical skills through his music. This isn’t the normal fast rhyming Ace Hood. This time around we get another dope beat and a much slower flow. Hallucination will be the first song released from his new mixtape, Starvation which is slated to hit stores on March 30th.


Listen to “Hallucinations” here


Styles P “Hoody Season”


Don’t F with Styles P, it’s Hoody Season ! “zip up, pullover, whatever”. If your from the hood you know all about Hoody Season. The formula hasn’t changed, it’s still Styles P over a griddy beat talking real greasy and keeping it gully. Not quite a hood anthem but the people will love it! 


Listen to “Hoody Season here


Aloe Blacc “You Make Me Smile” 

This guy is way beyond his years musically. Aloe Blacc isn’t just the guy who song was featured on the HBO series ‘How to Make in America’. The soul singer is giving you another reason to smile with this record. With a very genuine message and simplistic yet touching visual, you might catch yourself viewing it again and again. 


Listen to “You Make Me Smile” here




Compiled by Tanya Chen, Johnathan Cruse, and Iyana Robertson