Victoria Beckham Refuses to Wear Uggs and Tracksuits in Public


For Victoria Beckham, high fashion is always in demand, which is why she can’t afford to be caught in a track suit or Uggs outside of the house.

“You’ll never see me on the street in a tracksuit. I just love fashion too much to wear a tracksuit!,” the former Spice Girl tells French magazine Madame Figaro in this month’s issue. “The same goes for Ugg boots. I only wear them at home.”

It makes sense that the connoisseur of fashion, who has her own lines, would not let her style standards slip. After all, she showers her children with designer duds and is married to one of the world’s most model-esque soccer players alive.

Although the paparazzi has snapped the 37-year-old in casual gear, she has enough jaw-dropping runway get-ups to erase her less glamorous moments from memory.

In the interview, Beckham also pays homage to Madam Prada. “I’d love to see the world through the eyes of Miuccia Prada,” she said. “The woman is a genius. Her vision is of ultra-intelligent fashion. Each season, she creates something new, she knows how to surprise.”

Even if Mrs. David Beckham keeps the comfortable couture indoors, she admits to being a fan of Net-a-Porter and does her best shopping online. “I like the idea of quietly shopping at home for clothes and returning them if it don’t work. This is absolute freedom.”