Vixen Chat: Miranda Brooke Talks Balancing Relationships and Her Vibrant Style


Knowing the legacy with Def Jam, are you nervous to fill those shoes? What will you bring to the table that we haven’t seen?
I don’t think they have a young, urban girl who speaks to the youth right now. I can fill those shoes. They definitely don’t have an urban girl that’s doing the type of music that I’m doing, so I’m definitely bringing that to the table. For them to sign me, they have to believe that I can fill those shoes so I gotta believe it too. It’s only right that I do.

For your image, what direction are you headed into as far as style?
It’s got to stand out; it’s cool and young. I’m vibrant and energetic, so I gotta have color; the shoes got to be funky. Jackets and shoes are my thing and hoop earrings. It can’t be too mature or too safe. I want people to say, ‘Have you seen what Miranda is wearing?” It has to be like that.

Any beauty products you have to have?
My MAC foundation and lip gloss! Gotta put my face on [laughs]. There’s this product called Mixed Chicks; I use it for my hair. I’m a mixed chick, so it works for me.

Lastly, what sets you apart from everyone else coming up right now?
I am the voice for young girls right now. We need that. I want to be the “homegirl” kind of artist, not too far away or not approachable. I think people can feel that through the music and people can rock with that. Once they figure who I am, I definitely think they’ll be down with it.