What VIBE Experienced at the ‘Million Hoodie March’ for Trayvon Martin (Video)

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On March 21, thousands of New Yorkers marched together in support of bringing justice to the Trayvon Martin tragedy. With our camera rolling, VIBE was present to report live from the Million Hoodie March. Here’s a first hand account of the rally by VIBE’s Talim Adderly.

Many of the supporters I talked to were from all different walks of life. Whites, Blacks, Latinos were all joined as one for Trayvon Martin.Many parents from the African American community attended the march with their young children alongside. It was very much a teaching moment as supporter like, DJ Harry of New York City, kept his daughter right by his side making sure she was aware of everything that was taking place.

“The people just want justice. Trayvon Martin case is not the first of it’s kind but enough is enough. We must stand up and fight” say marcher Miranda of Brooklyn, NY. 

I was able to speak to supporters at the march and you can feel the deep passion and anger in their voices. I was also able to capture Trayvon Martin parents being escorted by police and their attorney into Union Square. Please check out the raw footage below.