Why Younger Men Love Older Women


For the single ladies, comfort lies in the thought that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but it seems that more and more men are now bringing cougars into the territory. The long-lasting trend in Hollywood romance has been a significant age difference with women on the more “experienced” side. Here are three possible reasons why the fellas tend to love above their age limit.

1. Older Women Are Great At Babying
The radio disc jockey and entertainment CEO Nick Cannon can vouch for that. After appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America this past week to discuss his rare form of lupus, he called his wife Mariah Carey his doctor. “She made me an egg-white sandwich before I left the house this morning,” he said. “Those are the things I have to be eating now, no more bacon. She takes care of me, makes sure I’m eating what I’m supposed to be.”

The America’s Got Talent host makes sure to keep the happy meals away as long as his happy wife is around. Although fairly odd couple boasts an 11-year age difference (Cannon, 31 and Carey, 42), their almost four-year romance has remained strong, even baring the high-pitched singer her first children, twins Monroe and Moroccan. Cannon even admitted to Oprah in 2008 that he grew up crushing on Carey and begged for a chance right before the pair tatted each other’s names on their bodies. Regardless of his hectic schedule and her diva glam lifestyle, she still finds time to be the household wife, keeping Cannon from firing away from her any time soon.