Will Lil’ Kim’s New Look Take Away the Keys to Her Success?


If Lil Kim’s name wasn’t on the cover for her new release, “Keys to the City,” I wouldn’t have known it was her at first glance. The Brooklyn rapper is almost completely unrecognizable, and dare I say, doll-like, in the artwork for this new release, and I don’t think fans who were waiting for the return of the Notorious K.I.M are going to like it.

Ironically, Kim’s whole comeback has been predicated on her beef with Nicki Minaj and her supposed jacking of Kim’s style but now the same could be said in reverse. Lil’ Kim’s drastic physical transformation began long before Nicki Minaj stepped foot out of Jamaica, Queens, but you can’t deny that Kim appears to be trying to keep up with the Minajes as she attempts to raise her career from the dead—the ever increasing hip-to-waist ratio tells it all.