World’s Potentially Tiniest Pup Named ‘Beyonce’


Move over, Blue Ivy. There’s another baby B who may be (do we dare say) cuter than thee.

The 4-oz and two-week-old teacup pup Beyonce is already a multiple-survivor in its short lifetime. Not only was the puppy’s mama nearly euthanized and the litter that doggy Bey came from almost aborted, Bey was not breathing and had no heartbeat at birth, according to ABC News.

Once the pint-sized canine was born, the Grace Foundation animal rescue center named her after the 2006 Destiny’s Child hit, “Survivor.”

Just like Jay-Z’s wifey, Beyonce is prime for potential accolades as the tiniest pup in the world. With an application being submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records, she is almost as big as an iPhone!

Maybe the power couple should consider adoption ‘cause this dog is just too puppylicious!

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