Yelawolf Talks About Recovering After Spleen Injury


After injuring himself during a stage diving incident, Yelawolf is now taking it easy.

The Shady Records rapper ruptured his spleen while performing in Wisconsin and had to cancel tour dates as a result.

Attributing his injury to crowd surfing, the  newly-recovered Yelawolf vowed not to jump into crowds again anytime soon. The incident, however, won’t stop him from repeating the act in the future.  “I’m not gonna promise that I’ll never do it again but not now,” he said in reference to stage diving.

Despite causing him to be out of commission for some time, the injury gave the rapper a renewed outlook on life.  Citing the whole experience as surreal, he said “I just want to continue to do what I’ve been blessed with and not to look back and let these haters stifle what I’m doing. I’m just staying focused and doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Now back on track, Yela is just in time to hit the stage for the Australian leg of his tour. -- Jazmine Gray

Check  out what else Yelawolf had to say about his injury below.