You Are Who You Attract: Is your Hairstyle Keeping You in a Box?


Of course people still feed off of the stereotypes that just because you’re natural, you’re a vegetarian and listen to Common. In my sister’s case, men usually guess she is conceited and vibes out to old school R&B because she rocks a permed bob. In reality she rocks out to more neo-soul than I could ever listen to.

My question is,  what about the theory that opposites attract? Numerous people love to use the reasoning of opposites attract as the go-to logic of finding a good match. In a lot of cases, however, I see that people are more comfortable approaching someone who reminds them of themselves. So what does this mean? Does it mean that much power lies in the strands and your appearance? Even though you should not judge someone by their outside appearance, it is the one trait that people see first before approaching you. If someone feels as if you’re a certain way, they will or will not act on it.

What do you think, does your hairstyle limit the type of person you attract?

-Ellisa Oyewo

Tags: Fashion, style