Young Jeezy Gets Caught in a Thug Romance in ‘Leave You Alone’ Video (Feat. Ne-Yo)


In his “Leave You Alone” video, Young Jeezy is caught up in a risky romance.

When he falls for the sister of a rival Latin gang, the two lovebirds attempt to carry on a secret affair behind her family’s backs.

Along with the help of her friend, Jeezy’s Latin love manages to sneak and be with him, making her friend promise not to tell her brothers. Meanwhile Ne-Yo croons the song’s hook repeating “ I gotta leave you alone.”

But after she disappears one night, her secret is brought to light and her brothers and father are forced to track her down at Jeezy’s place where she’s dragged out kicking and screaming.– Jazmine Gray

Check out the mini-movie below.