13 Reasons Why Men Love Black Beauties


From WWMD —  You already know, we’re about guiding all women through the Martian-centric minds of men. However, February comes with stiff requirements, and despite our habitual audacity we’re obedient lassies when it comes to some things — Happy Black History Month Hunnies! Let’s keep it 500 — WWMD is led by three brown girls vying for black history. So it’s only natural that we applaud the like-minded. Without further ado, here’s our e-version of popping bottles and clanking glass in special dedication to our sunkissed sistren. If you’re a brownie that hasn’t given your mirror a congratulatory wink this month please consider these roses being thrown at your pumps cue to kick-start. As always, in proper WWMD fashion, unleash the men…

“My favorite thing about black women is their strength. I don’t know of any other woman that can tough it out like a black girl” – Kareem, 33

“Hmmm well lets see! I like the fact that y’all don’t turn red under pressure lol! I like the fact that black is beautiful and powerful and they make it a point to carry that in their walks and I like the curves some of you are blessed with.” – Benson, 27

“I love how sharp black women are. I don’t know if their intuition is louder than other women but when they feel like something is a lie or BS, they call it like they see it. It sucks in the moment, but in hindsight every dude wants a chick that can keep him in line.” – Rashaad, 26

Their personality, particularly when it derives from a cultured background. There’s a uniqueness to a black woman that separates her and that absolutely turns me on. Curves don’t hurt either, lol. But the love of the curves is the primal part of the black man’s nature that make black women irresistible.”– Denver, 27

” I love the fact the black women age well. It’s no wonder my favorite type of woman is a dark-skinned woman with great skin.” – Blogxilla, 30ish

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