3 Dangers of Dating a Dreamer


Mood swings
If your man isn’t where he wants to be, he could easily take his frustrations with his circumstances out on you. Most times his anger isn’t really about you, he’s more angry with himself and what he hasn’t been able to accomplish, but it can be tiresome dealing with a Darrell downer all the time because he feels stuck in a rut. He also could be harboring a bit of resentment toward you for being further along in life though, or having made some of your dreams a reality and that jealousy will take a serious toll on the relationship. Be patient with him when you can but if it gets to be too much, call him out on it.

He never stops dreaming
The biggest danger of dating a dreamer is that they never stop dreaming, meaning they never progress. Their goals remain dreams rather than accomplishments and all the frustrations you both experience with him being in that state never end. A rut is one thing, but if we’re talking nine years down the line like the relationship Gabrielle Union’s character is in, it’s safe to say he’s hit the snooze button on life and you need to go. Decide how long you’re willing to stick it out for him to have more tallies under the accomplishment side of the board rather than the dreams and hold yourself to it.