3 Reasons Why We Can’t Get Enough of Solange


Back in the days of Destiny’s Child Solange Knowles was simply Beyonce’s sister. These days Solange has stepped up to grab the spotlight and create a name and style all her own. Solange may not be the mega star her sister Beyonce is, but she’s still a fierce in her own right. Don’t put her in the background and don’t refer to her simply as Beyonce’s sister, she’s Solange and here are three reasons why we love her.

Her Funky, Unique Style

From African turbans to couture dresses, Solange wears them all — and well! Solange doesn’t follow the trends, she creates them. Her style is a funky mix of designers, colors, patterns and trends all perfectly blended together to create a style uniquely Solange. She’s not afraid to be bold and often dares to be different; her style stays true to her personality and what’s not to love about that.