3 Ways to Keep the Peace with the Mother of Your Man’s Children


Kids are only half of the consideration that goes into choosing to date a man with children. For most women, dealing with the mother of those kids is the main thing that makes them hesitant to go forward, but blending a family temporarily–or even over the long-term–doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Will and Jada have always been open about maintaining a good relationship with Will’s ex-wife and mother of his first son. In the upcoming issue of Ebony magazine, Rev Run’s children appear in a Mother’s Day spread along with his current wife Justine and his ex-wife Valerie Vaughn, who’s Vanessa, Angela and Jo Jo’s mother. If that isn’t a strong wife/ex-wife/baby mama relationship we don’t know what is. It’s totally possible to keep the peace with the mother of your man’s children and even develop a good relationship with her, but it won’t come without a little work.

Here are three ways to go about it…