4 Relationship Secrets You Missed From Beyonce’s Big Tumblr Reveal


From WWMD – If you run in my circle from time to time you might hear me referred to as “Guerdonce”. We’re not going to delve into the reasons as to how I got donned the dub (that’s for a rainy day and a bottle of wine) but the point is I’m a real fan (under certain lenses, arguably a Stan, but watevsss). Needless to say, I respect the chick and was delighted to learn that Beyonce launched her own Tumblr account today, which she announced via super sweet tweet:

So of course, as any loyal fan I had to get up all in her business right? At first glimpse the buffet of kodaks reveal the obvious: When she’s not slaying the game on stage, she adores cushy and mushy time with sister Solo, nephew Juelz, and hubby Mr. Carter-Knowles. In addition to the obvi, the kaleidescope reveals a rare glimpse into the Virgo’s super girly personality and blanketed pomp, and how that swag has helped secure the 4 year anniversary seal of these two kids clearly still drunk punch in love. And among my prying, I noticed 4 relationship secrets revealed:


4. Her Business Is Going To Remain Her Business

Tumblr aside, we still only know but so much. Besides each other, these two are married to privacy. Most of us can’t help but blab about a great thing. Got on a nice outfit? Twitpic. About to swallow a savory plate? Facebook wall post. Quite honestly, we’re ordinary people and gluttons for applause. So imagine how much reservation is required to withhold from the world just how undeniably clutch world traveling with the love your life must be? And ladies, you know how we get! We LOVE to talk about relationships, especially when we’re still smitten! But you gotta give it to Bey, she’s spoon fed the world bite-size fun facts and candids of her and Shawn time, up until the point of now. And even that’s rationed.

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