4 Stylish Cases You Need to Accessorize Your iPhone 4/4S


Whether you want to succumb or not, Apple has officially taken over the technology game. Sure Androids are cool, but once you get a taste of a product with that half bitten apple bite, you’ll know you have entered a new realm.

IPhone. iPad. Mac Book Pro. You name it, people want it! But what’s a dope product without something to protect it, and of course, add style to your wardrobe?

Vixens want the latest and cutest accessories for their phones. You know, the kind you whip out on the street or on the train, and the person you pass or sit across from gets mesmerized by it! That being said, we rounded up four of the hottest and most stylish cases that you need in your life right about NOW!

Check it out!

1. HEX Metallic Gold Code Wallet/Case

When you pop this gold wallet/case open everyone will want to know what’s inside. The genuine leather techcessory has an elastic closure, 3 card slots, and protects your phone. For $49.95 you’ll be happy you made the purchase.


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