5 Things Men Should Never Say To Women


From UPTOWN — There are three types of men: the ones that win, the ones that lose and the ones that think they’re winning but are actually losing. The ones that win know the right things to say (or not say). The ones that lose say the wrong things. And the ones that think they’re winning don’t care either way, but end up living with the unpleasant consequences of their words and actions.

I want everyone to win, particularly when it comes to communication between the sexes. I don’t want to see her yell. I don’t want to see him wish he was in a better place. That’s no bueno for anybody. But there are a lot of men who simply say the wrong thing. With that said, here are five things men should never say to women unless they really wanna lose.

You Trippin’ …
Let’s knock the obvious and most important out the way early. Any variation of this phrase will create a monster. Nobody wants to do battle with the estrogen monster. Telling women that they’re tripping or crazy when they’re expressing themselves leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy. One in which the man creates the crazy woman that he has spoken of. Fellas, if you want to sleep in grease or live your night in fear, call her crazy before going to bed. You can’t win with second degree burns or cat scratch fever.

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