6 Things That Will Give Your Long Distance Romance a Boost


1. Mail your lover a pair of your panties. Let him know that a special delivery awaits him in his mail box. You’ll want to make sure they are a nice, gently warn pair of your favorite panties.

2. Make him a one-minute video instead of the obligatory Skype date phone call, telling him how much you love and miss him, and send it to his iPhone or email.

3. Surprise visit. Were you supposed to come visit your beau after coming in town for an important conference? Tell him the conference got canceled and you won’t be able to make it, but arrange a surprise for him anyway.

4. Replace those obligatory phone calls with sporadic flirty text messages that don’t require a response. Change it up, nobody likes the same thing all of the time.

5. While sexy photographs are also nice, get some pictures of you and your beau together and make a photo collage or put it in an album to send to him. Frame some of the best ones for him to put on the nightstand or on the refrigerator in his office. You want to make sure that he is reminded of your face at integral points throughout the day.

6. Does your beau like one of your homemade dishes in particular? Do you bake a peach cobbler better than his mother? Do an overnight rush delivery of his favorite pie with a simple love note attached.