6 Things That Will Give Your Long Distance Romance a Boost

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Sometimes it’s torture being away from the one you love. Unfortunately, more often than I’d like, that is the case. Because my lifestyle calls for a lot of jet setting, it is not unusual for me to be in Brazil for a stint of six months, volunteering in Haiti for weeks at a time or jetting off to a conferences in Washington D.C. for a weekend. While I love my life and the fact that I am able to travel a lot, it can put a strain on ones romantic life when your lover is not able to warm your bed every night.

While planned vacations, spontaneous flights and the occasions that you can be in the exact same city at the same time makes for some pretty romantic canoodling, adding spice to the relationship on a regular basis can pose some specific challenges when a continent separates you and you won’t be seeing your baby for two weeks or even longer.

Phone sex over a faulty cell phone connection becomes quite unsexy after a while, the obligatory Skype conversations eventually become mundane and you start feeling pretty icky about putting popsicles in orifices they don’t belong just to outdo your last video call session. Routine bedtime calls about how wonderful your day was spent chasing waterfalls, or how you trekked through the Blue Mountains and played drums with the Maroons while your beloved crunched numbers become, well, pretty damn lame and redundant conversations after a while.

So to add some spice into your long distance relationship whether it’s an international one, or your beau lives in another state these six things may bring the sparkle back.

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