Are Kanye and Kim a Match Made in Fashion Heaven?


We’re all still tripping a little bit over Kanye’s self-professed love for Kim Kardashian on his new track “Theraflu.” But while most people are still having a bit of a WTF moment, this relationship could actually be good news—for fashion at least.

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but there is one thing no one can argue against when it comes to this girl, and that’s her gid fashion sense. She looks amazing in whatever she wears, and whether she’s seen in a staged photoshoot or caught off guard by paparazzi, you can be sure her hair, nails, makeup, outfit and shoes will all be on point.

Which brings me to Kanye…

Yeezy’s personal style is actually pretty hot, and he sets as many trends for men as Kim does for women. Remember the sweater vest, backpack look he had every man on campus rocking back in 2004? Since he’s dropped that scruffy 80s look he had going on around the 808s & Heartbreak time, he’s back in our fashion good graces—Watch the Throne concert kilt aside. But when it comes to his women’s fashion line, he’s still leaving a lot to be desired.