Azealia Banks Hires Lady Gaga’s Manager, Pushes Back ‘1991’ EP


Following her powerhouse performance at this year’s Coachella, Azealia Banks has announced via Twitter that the release of 1991 has been pushed back to a later date.

“For all you asking, ‘1991’ is getting delayed.. AGAIN,” Banks tweeted. “I just switched management.. Literally like three days ago, and have a whole new set of resources to take advantage of. We’re gonna vamp this up and make it official.. No more ghetto mixes and closet recording.. I have a budget now!”

It has been confirmed that Banks has hired Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, CEO of Atom Factory.

In the meantime, she’s graced listeners with a 16-track mixtape called Before the Expensive Taste. You can download the fan-made compilation here, and stay tuned for the new release date of 1991. —Stephanie Long