Bangladesh Talks Upcoming Single with Birdman and 2 Chainz, Working with Brandy


Super-producer Bangladesh has made news in the past due to his issues with YMCMB but with the problems resolved, the beat maker has resumed work with Birdman and the label. With plans to release new music himself, in addition to working with 2 Chainz, Brandy, and many more, the future looks bright for Bangladesh. In a recent interview with ItsOnlyEntertainment, the “A Milli” orchestrator elaborates on what we can expect in the future.

On upcoming collaborations:

I worked with Far East Movement, Kesha, I try to do more pop extreme type things. I worked with 2 Chainz, thats like my family. I also worked with Jeremih, E-40 and Kelly Rowland. Actually i’m working on my album. It’s a production based album, I got a lot of features on it. I’m actually putting out a song on Tuesday called “The Opera” with myself, Baby (Birdman) and 2 Chainz.

On how he got connected with Brandy: 

It’s crazy because I was out in Cali in a Ke$ha session with Dr. Luke, and her mother called my partner and told him that I was Brandy’s favorite producer and she wanted me to produce her album. I was shocked because I didn’t know she knew about me. She came to the studio that same day and she was so humble, that she just sat on the floor and listened to my music and was going crazy over the beats. She didn’t have a deal at the time, but a year later she got a deal and we started working. It’s real dope when you can work with someone who seeks you out and really wants to work with you.

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