Would You Bare Your Breasts for Art or Fashion?


The same can’t be said for former Pussycat Dolls songbird Melody Thornton, though. Her daring act to attend ELLE magazine’s Women in Music event naked (as the day she was born!) under a sheer gown was not only a purposeful act but a sad sight to see. There was nothing artful about it. Although a beautiful woman, the message it relayed to onlookers was ill-recieved or lost.

The same goes for Jennifer Lawrence–the star of the cult-producing film The Hunger Games–who played the peek-a-boo game with Rolling Stone readers. The young Hollywood actress posed for the glossy cover and her nipple made a special, sneak appearance. Some hooped and hollered for the peeping preview, while others were baffled by the mag’s choice not to edit it out. The entire thing was a subtle, bold gesture, yet an exposing and semi-distasteful one, nonetheless.

Are women shunning simple cleavage and going gung-ho for nudity in the name of fashion and statement-making? Nowadays, is it not enough to wear a barely-there bra or a plunging neckline?

This rising trend could cause a trendy fire that we just aren’t prepared for. A nipple here, a breasts there and woman will continue to be exploited for the sake of googly-eyed men. Yes, our bodies can be artistically beautiful, but there’s a fine line between priceless art and classless fashion.

What do you think, Vixens?