The Breakfast Club Interviews Wiz Khalifa on His New Album, His Relationship With Amber, Waka Flocka

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After dropping his new single “Work Hard Play Hard,” Wiz Khalifa paid a visit to Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

The “Black and Yellow” rapper touched upon his beef with Waka Flocka and discussed signing Lola Monroe and ignoring people’s opinions of him and Amber Rose in addition to telling the story of how he proposed to her.

Wiz made it clear that he is still unsure of what exactly the problem is with Waka. “Nothing happened,” he said. “I ain’t do nothing to that kid.” He went on to explain “I asked some people around him just to see like what the deal really was. I’m from Pittsburgh. If people really got a problem, you’ve got a problem. So I asked ‘Is this serious?’ And they’re like ‘Nah, I don’t know what’s going on.’ So I’m like ‘aight cool.’ That was that.”

After revealing how he proposed to Amber first thing in the morning while laying in bed, the Pittsburgh MC discussed how he felt about Amber’s past and the public’s negative view of their relationship. “I never really looked into what people were talking about. Only thing I was concerned with was me and her and that never changed. It only grew and we’re the best of friends and we just do more and know more about each other. We love each other.”

“I am happy with my entire life, with everything that I’ve been through just because it’s led me to where I’m at now now,” said Wiz. — Jazmine Gray

Check out the full interview below.