Cissy Houston Opens Up for First Time Since Whitney’s Death


In an exclusive interview with My9 at New Hope Baptist Church in New Jersey, Cissy Houston revealed she’s upset with the media and their portrayal of her late daughter Whitney.

“All they know is what they hear, bad things, she’s had her ups and downs. Who hasn’t?” she said during the interview which aired last night (April 2) on New York’s Channel 9. “Let them think and know what they want to say … I just hope they never come and say it to me.”

As far as Whitney’s cause of death, Cissy isn’t trying to place blame. “There’s nothing I can do about it, nothing nobody else can do about it,” she says, and also notes that while she’s not there yet, she’s doing “good.”

Watch the interview in its entirety below, where Cissy also addresses news surrounding Bobbi Kristina and reminicses on good times. –Stephanie Long