Cissy Houston on Rihanna Playing Whitney in Biopic: ‘Over My Dead Body’

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Chances of Rihanna playing Whitney Houston in her biopic were officially shot down by Cissy Houston, in fact she’s quite furious that Rih would even want to play her daughter.

The National Enquirer reported that the still mourning mother fumed at the thought of it.

“Over my dead body!” declared the 78-year-old, according to a source. “Cissy believes Rihanna celebrates everything she hated about Whitney’s life — the drugging, the boxing, the abusive relationship.”“Cissy does not think Whitney should be represented by someone like Rihanna,” the source continued. “In spite of what anyone thought about Whitney, she sees her as a God-fearing Christian who loved the Lord.”Cissy is also dead-set against a movie being made about Whitney without family involvement because she fears outsiders would focus too much on the negative aspects of her daughter’s troubled life. Cissy said IF there is a movie made about Whitney, she would insist on approving the actress,” added the source. “And Rihanna certainly would NOT be on the list.”

Well looks like the queen has spoken.