CNN Under Scrutiny for Reports of Racial Slur in Trayvon Martin Murder


Though CNN circulated reports of George Zimmerman uttering a racial slur the night he killed Trayvon Martin, other news sources are pointing out flaws in their findings.

Last week, CNN featured a segment in which they enhanced the 911 call Zimmerman and claimed to decipher him calling Trayvon a “f*cking coon.” This, they argued, proved that the killing was done as an act of racism.

After much scrutiny, however, the network is now recanting, saying that the alleged racial slur may have actually only been the word cold. “It doesn’t sound like that slur anymore,” said CNN reporter Gary Tuckman after listening again. “It sounds like – and we wanted to leave it up to the viewer – but it sounds like we’re hearing the swear word at first and the word ‘cold.’”

Now, criticism of the media’s fabricated reports addresses the larger implications of the false findings. “Folks, do you realize that the entire foundation of this story has now been blown up across three networks, by their own admission, after the fact, long after all the damage was done?” said Rush Limbaugh.

The moral is, be sure to report the facts! — Jazmine Gray