Concert Review: Tyga, YG, and Lil Twist Rock Club Nokia in LA

Live Reviews

To be honest the show as a whole was better than I expected. The crowd was mostly college students who more than likely came to hear the songs they pre-game to before they hit the frats (and nothing wrong with that).  Everyone was just ready to have a good time.

Lil Twist seemed to hit the stage right when everyone patience was running thin from waiting. I personally hadprobably only listened to one Lil Twist song prior to the concert. The only time I heard him was on a Young Money song and I wasn’t overly impressed or terribly disappointed. I always just gave him the benefit of the doubt because Wayne put his stamp on him. I figured people said similar things about Wayne when he was Twist’s age (before Tha Carter series), so there had to be potential there. Twist’s set was wasn’t bad at all, he brought a lot of energy and even brought out the biggest surprise of the night (the new Justin Timberlake himself), Justin Bieber.

YG was the next set and as they put his banner up, everyone (aka the girls in attendance) went crazy. Then his DJ did his “YG 4 HUNNID” drop and all the dudes in attendance stood up.  YG probably has more party songs on the radio than any other artist out there. To be completely honest, I forgot how many hit songs he’d been a part of recently. I think the best part of his set was seeing all the girls recite his lyrics (no matter how vulgar or explicit they were). There were girls in the show going word for word as YG recited his rhymes. You gain a much better appreciation for his music when its performed live because you hear just how hard his beats hit. Rappers like YG often get criticized because of lyrical content and the message (or lack there of) but it takes talent to craft songs that people want to hear over and over and over again. During YG’s set there wasn’t a person sitting down, it was literally impossible and that’s a credit to him. He brought a lot of energy and delivered his songs with great intensity. When YG was done everyone immediately sat down and caught their breath as if they just finished a work out. Then the excitement quickly picked up as they set the stage for Tyga.

I reviewed Tyga’s “Carless World” album and I really enjoyed it. I felt that he was going to surprise a lot of people who felt like he was just an artist who made party songs. The catch is that the party songs are the reason the majority of the people in attendance had bought their seats. I was interested to see how Tyga would balance his popular mixtape tracks with the tracks off his album (that largely had more substance).

I think Tyga put on a GREAT show and definitely gave the people what they wanted and more.  I would of liked to see him perform more songs off the album but it probably would of thrown off the party tempo of the night. Tyga did perform one of my favorites off his album entitled “Im Gone”. I had my fingers crossed hoping that Big Sean would appear from back stage to spit his verse but it didn’t happen. I figured since Bieber showed his face than anything could happen. Honey Cocaine came out and performed “Heisman”, YG ended up coming back out to perform “Bitches Aint Shit” and FiNaTTicz came out to perform everyone’s guilty pleasure “Thun Thun Song”.

Overall it was a cool upbeat show and every artist gave 100%. The whole audience left the venue humming the “Rack City” hook with the “Thun Thun Song” lingering somewhere in their minds as well. The show was ideal for someone not so much into focusing on lyrics but more interested in having a good time and partying with the people around them.