Danger! Mystikal Breaks Down His Biggest Life Wins & Fails


Mystikal shares the biggest ups and downs of his life —As told to Hillary Crosley


I went into the army for a new car. Next thing you know, we in war. Operation Desert Shield was my first time seeing how they depict war in the movies. After awhile you get used to it, like road kill.

As a young man, I came home on my birthday to find my older sister’s body in the bathroom. God let me find her—it could have been my mom or my sister’s son. God showed me no matter how high I go I’ll never have it all because Michelle’s not here.

When I got out of prison, everything was digital. I was still trying to FedEx music. People said, “I’ll email you the beats.” That shit’s not gonna get stuck in the wires?

Pleading guilty [to sexual assault] was strategic. I could’ve taken it to trial and won, but that’s a strong political platform and understandably so. When I was sitting in that [courtroom], I felt like, damn would I feel better if I really would’ve been the man they accused me to be. The truth don’t set me free; it fucks me up.

With my kids—Million and My’chelle, both 12—I’m blunt and understanding. My daughter and I haven’t really talked and that’s important because she’s a girl. I have to brief her on how to smile through the scrutiny.