Deion Sanders’ Alleged Sidepiece Takes Shots at Pilar


This Pilar and Deion Sanders divorce gets messier by the second. Somebody’s PR team needs to come and clean this up! In the latest installment, Deion’s alleged sidepiece is taking shots at Pilar via her Twitter account. She made brazen references to her being the “Angelina Jolie” to Deion and Pilar being “Jennifer Aniston,” a beautiful but boring wife.

I wish she was as bold in throwing these obvious punches at Pilar as she was about her wardrobe game. Rayon rouge dresses are not the business, and neither are elastic belts with bows on them boo-boo! If she is busting it open for Deion, we know he hasn’t made much of an investment in her financially.

According to her Twitter page, she is a young college co-ed. I guess you can’t be all the way mad. What else would you expect from a young jawn? Deion needs to do a better job at picking his mistresses!