Did O.J. Simpson’s Son Actually Murder Nicole Brown?


In yet another book tackling the infamous OJ Simpson trial of the 90s, author William Dear has released “O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It,” a tale that fingers Simpson’s son, Jason Simpson, as the true murderer of Nicole Simpson Brown and Ronald Goldman.

In the book, which hits stores today, Dear details what he and his team of forensic experts, who were assigned to the 1994 case, have found over the past 17 years.

US Weekly reports that Dear believes O.J. went through the long trial and investigations to cover for his son, now 41, who is living in Miami.

Dear’s evidence includes items found in Jason’s locker and trashcan—including a hunting knife that forensic experts believe is the actual murder weapon—and Jason’s habit of wearing knit caps similar to the one left at the crime scene that was actually never linked to O.J.

Dear also tries to make connections to Jason’s personality and brings his drug abuse and domestic violence history along with his anger management issues to light. Hmm…is this worth reviving or is it just rehashing of old news? We’ll let you guys decide.—Keenan Higgins