Do We Believe Chris and Karrueche Are The Real Thing Yet?


You would think a tattoo of your girl on your arm would be enough to make people believe your relationship is real, but most people have had a hard time swallowing the Chris-Karrueche pill, despite receiving a nearly daily dose of the young couple. From photos boarding planes at LAX to Instagram flicks of the dinners Chris cooked for her to vacationing down under in Australia, all signs point to young love.

Perhaps it’s the damaging US Magazine article from earlier this year that claimed Karrueche knows Chris is still seeing Rihanna, but refuses to let him go over a few indiscretions. Maybe it’s the fact that people still really want to see Chris and Rihanna reunite—or come out to the public—that makes them assume the self-professed love Chris and Karrueche have for each other is just a Hollywood charade. Maybe it’s the fact that Karrueche appears to be going just a little too hard to expose their romance when most entertainers want their privacy.

Since Chris’s PR team has said the F.A.M.E artist will not be giving any media interviews this year, the only thing we have to go in is Rihanna’s claims that she’s single—which I doubt anyone else will ask her about after her reaction during the last few interviews—and intimate photos Karrueche uploads of her and Chris. If pictures say a thousand words, hers are telling us that she and C Breezy are still going strong a full year later, whether we want to believe it or not. From her point of view, it’s definitely looking like the real thing.

Do you think Chris and Karrueche are really in love?