Do You Color Coordinate With Your Man?


Last night, Jayoncé was sitting courtside at the Knicks vs. Miami Heat Game in matching shoes. They didn’t have on the same pair, but they were the exact same color, and since we’re talking about neon coral and not a simple shade like red or orange—his a pair of Nike sneakers, hers a $795 pair of Christian Louboutin Unbout Illusion Pumps—we’re going to go ahead and assume this coordination was completely on purpose.

It’s that little accent that makes the couple’s color-synching absolutely adorable rather than a “don’t do.” We’ve all seen the men and women so in love they think matching pin-stripe suits or wearing the exact same colors from head to toe proves they want to share their love with the world when everyone else is really thinking, keep it to yourself and get thee to a mirror.

I’ve personally witnessed a couple walking down the street in matching orange jeans and button up shirts, holding hand while carrying an umbrella in, you guessed it, orange. That was an obvious hot mess, but even matching t-shirts can sometimes scream overkill.

On the other hand, a man wearing the same color tie as the dress his lady is wearing, or the same shoe hue, in the case of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, is just enough to let the world know what lovebirds you are without committing a major fashion offense. We definitely think these matching mates are winning!

Do you and your boo ever color coordinate?

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