Brittney Griner Changes the Game of Women’s College Basketball


Even Notre Dame’s coach, Muffet McGraw, had to testify to the greatness that is the 6-foot-8 junior. “I think she’s one of a kind,” he said. “There’s so many things she can do. There have been some guards that have had some skill like that. But as a post player, she’s the best I’ve seen.”

Humbly accepting her win last night, Griner said the team as a whole is responsible for the win, and most importantly, their coach who struggled with Bells’ palsy during the tournament.

“It meant everything for us to get it for coach,” the selected Associated Press player of the year said. “She felt like she wasn’t there for us, but we told her every second that we could hear her loud and clear, everything she was saying.

“Looking back when we get older, I’m always going to remember this moment, always going to remember confetti falling and being here with my team.”

Despite speculation that Griner would ride last night’s success straight on to the WNBA, she said she will finish her senior year as a Lady Bear.

“I’m staying, I made a commitment,” she told reporters. “I’m going to stay here until my time’s up.”