Drake Says His Taste for Weed and Codeine Is “Within Moderation”

Drake knows firsthand that at times it’s hard being famous.

The Young Money rapper admitted that through all the stress and pressure fame can cause, he sometimes uses drugs.

“Have I sipped codeine before?” he asked in an interview with The Guardian. “Yeah, of course. Have I smoked weed? Yes. Do I drink wine? Yes.”

But before rumors of a hardcore drug addiction could begin, Drizzy continued “But do I do it excessively? No. I’m not a reckless guy. I do it all within moderation. I’m not into drugs–I mean any outside the ones I just mentioned.”

He even reiterated, “Nah, that’s not me. I care too much about what I have. I’m not going to throw it away for that.”

Way to say no to drugs Drizzy! Well, kind of. — Jazmine Gray