ESPN’s Hosts Battle! Jalen Rose vs. Skip Bayless (ft. Stephen A. Smith)


ESPN’s hit morning show First Take with hosts Skip Bayless and Jay Crawford, turned into a battlefield yesterday when guest analyst and former NBA star Jalen Rose questioned Bayless’ high school basketball career stats during a heated exchange on air. The debate show, which routinely gets a bit testy with the sharp tongued Bayless taking various sports commentators and celebrity guests to task, switched to a rare awkward space, as Bayless tried to recover from the initial shock of Rose outing his 1.4 point per game average (which Bayless later corrected to 1.8ppg). Rose went on to expose that Bayless also played on the junior varsity basketball team as a junior class student. Visibly shaken and in total disbelief of what was taking place, Bayless only retorted with a, “We’ll address that later.”

Fans of the show rushed to the Twitterverse and took sides on who was in the right and wrong in the situation. Did Rose go too far in revealing the personal background on one of the world’s most regarded sports critics or did Bayless get what he deserved for his years of verbally tormenting the world’s best athletes? Check today’s segment of First Take as the crew tries to make sense of it all and explain why the conversation went the way that it did.

Oh yeah, First Take fixture and loud as hell commentator Stephen A. Smith makes a guest appearance (a la 2 Chainz) and gives his two cents on the matter. Things get a bit crazy but you have to love the barbershop talk appeal this clip has to offer.

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