‘Essence’ Managing Editor, Michael Bullerdick, Resigns After Racist Facebook Comments


It looks like the title of Managing Editor for Essence magazine, Michael Bullerdick,was short lived as one of the head people in charge. After the publication announced that a white male would be one of the heads in the company it raised a lot of controversy and question. Now it looks like the trouble is over.

Bullerdick resigned from his position and has accepted another in a different division after his racist Facebook comments were exposed. Although his page is private, someone who was his “friend” took screen shots of his page which contained several racist comments and sent them to Joural-isms.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

The shots were then emailed to Essence and Editor-in-Chief, Constance P. White responded,

“As editor-in-chief, I’m responsible for all editorial content for Essence. I hired Michael to manage the production schedule of Essence. As head of production, he does not attend editorial idea meetings, nor does he get involved in the editorial direction of the magazine.”

His comments struck more than a nerve and it was announced that by mutual agreement he accepted a position in a different division.

Do you think the public was right about questioning Bullerdick from the beginning? Do his comments surprise you?