3 Reasons to Watch Eva Marcille’s New Reality Show


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1. Eva Pigford vs. Eva Marcille
We were introduced to Eva Pigford in 2004, but because of the nature of the show, didn’t really get to see her out of her competition mode. We saw her determination, saw her temper and saw her strike a mean pose, but wouldn’t it be cool to see her, well, post-ANTM? The new Eva has become a successful model and budding actress, appearing as a celebrity judge on shows and in movies. The new reality show will surely reveal how Eva has maintained her career thus far.

2. Industry Success
All of these ladies are established. The other cast members are music manager Kelly Dunn, interior designer Nikki Chu and actress Denyce Lawton. Eva says none of these women were handed their success, and Taking Hollywood will document that. It won’t just show them hanging out and drinking, but also handling business and continuing to establish a name for themselves based off a substantial amount of hard work. The show will be a glimpse into what that model, designer, manager and acting life is really like, minus 100 percent glitz and glamour.

3. Chemistry
Unlike Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives, Bad Girls Club and Jersey Shore, the cast of Taking Hollywood are actual friends. There may be disagreements here and there, but we don’t expect any over-the-top hatred.  The girls aren’t just meeting for the first time, they aren’t being recruited or friends of friends, they’re really homies. The show has the potential to take on a real-life edition of Girlfriends.