Reality TV Tuesday: Evelyn Tries to Kill Kenya, Nene Leakes Shades ‘Bedroom Kandi’ Launch


VH1 knows how to cater to the guilty pleasures of women (and some men). Every Monday night, the back-to-back line-up of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives, La La’s Full Court Life and Styled by June (oh, and don’t forget RHOA on Sundays!) has everyone glued to the TV sets ready to dive into the lives of some of our favorite celebs.

In case you missed last night’s shows, here’s a rundown of the highlights from each…
‘Oh, no you didn’t!’ moment:  Nene Leakes shaded Kandi’s sex toy party by making fun of the partygoers and forgetting to actually show support to her “friend.” The snooty star maintained her a-bit-too-bougie persona by leaving the party early. SMH, Leakes may be a little too high class these days.