Reality TV Tuesday: Evelyn Tosses Bottles, La La Snubs Dice & Po, June Turns Slutty into Sweet


VH1 knows how to cater to the guilty pleasures of women (and some men). Every Monday night the line up of Basketball Wives, Lala’s Full Court Life and Styled by June has everyone glued to the TV sets ready to dive into the lives of some of our favorite celebs.

In case you missed last night’s shows, here’s a rundown of the highlights from each…


Oh no you didn’t moment: When Evelyn begins to give Kenya the list of things she does wrong she states, ““Your WEAVE is starting to look like Tami’s!” Tami’s face is priceless and annoyed that Evelyn would even try to bring her into the situation.
Quotables: “Honestly, of all the things you can be called, ‘loose’ makes you go bananas?” says Kenya in the confessional at the beginning of the episode.
“Well, she gotta drop them kitten heels first then,” says Jen in response to Kenya wanting to be like her.
Why Oh Why: Did Kenya respond when Evelyn dared her to say that she called her “loose.” She brought the bottle tossing upon herself.
Tacky takeaway: Always remove your shoes and earrings before you begin tossing bottles.