Fantasia Apologizes to R.Kelly: “You Are Such A Man Of Power & Wisdom”


Fantasia wasn’t too happy with R. Kelly last month after he prematurely left the stage of a CIAA event they both performed at (via Necole Bitchie).

“I come to give you your money’s worth,” Fantasia told the crowd after Kells’ short-lived rendition of “Bump n’Grind.” “I find that disrespect when things happen like that, especially in my city.”

As it turns out, R. Kelly made his abrupt exit due to medical reasons and was rushed to the hospital, so Fantasia recently took to Twitter to clear the water:

“That night was one to remember…lol There was some behind the scene drama that took place someone snatched money from the door

the show was delayed about 90 minutes R. Kelly WHO I HAVE GREAT RESPECT FOR was sick and later hospitalized that night

I am such an R Kelly fan I love his style his music his character & I went with my fist pumped waiting for 12 play…lol

I wanted to hear him perform so bad & was told he was going to perform 6-8 songs to later find out he was NEVER booked to perform

It is so sad that folk do these type of things to us in the industry but I know from experience that it happens

Kellz hit the stage & I was side stage center with my fingers snapping

When he hit the stage & sang a few lines a shut it downnnnn baby the true FAN in me responded, I could have cried….lol

When I got up I talked about it but HAD NO IDEA HE WAS NEVER suppose to perform just appear, that was an honor for what he did do

I told the people I came to give them their monies worth but I promise it was innocent i was just energized & ready to rock.

With all that said I want to say this I LOVE R KELLY & I apologize for those choice of words You are such a man of power & wisdom”

Way to be the bigger person. —Stephanie Long