Fashion Essentials for Rainy Days


Coat Choice: Trench vs. Raincoat
When it rains, you generally have two outerwear choices: trench or raincoat. For years, the classic trench (pictured) has been a cute look for rainy weather. The high belt gives you an empire waist appeal. You can find trench coats in prints, in different hues, and in many shapes at places like Juicy Couture to Old Navy.

However, not all trench coats have hoods. The traditional raincoat is a better option if you like a build in hair protector a.k.a the hood. The raincoat often gets a bad reputation for looking too childlike or too sporty. These days, raincoats are coming in various colors and grown up silhouettes.

Whatever coat you decide to wear, make sure it is water proof. Also, never wear your favorite coat on a rainy day.

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