On the Feet of New York! VIBE’s Weekly Kick Picks: The SoHo Edition


Check out the latest edition of VIBE Kick Picks! This week, we hit the famous neighborhood of SoHo—where black hipsters, Asian dreadlock rastas, and white b-girls can all be linked together by intense senses of style, a broad range of individuality, and rich NYC street culture in general.—Keenan Higgins

Let’s start it off and see what our first ‘sneakerhead’ Gary had to say about his kicks:

[The Jeremy Scott Adidas are] very different. It’s a very unique style. Not a lot of people wear it, and I like to be different.” 

Gary Jones

*Shoutout to Gary though, as we caught him coming fresh out the sneaker store. You’re looking at new, out-the-box pair right here—just the way we like ‘em!