Five Other Will Ferrell Movies That Deserve Sequels

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With last month’s announcement that “Anchorman 2,” the follow-up to Will Ferrell’s beloved 2004 comedy, was at long last going to be a reality, fans finally got the promise that Ferrell’s most memorable comic creation was coming back to drink some more scotch and present some more incorrect information about the history of San Diego. Almost as importantly, the “Anchorman 2″ announcement means that Ferrell is returning to a signature character for the first time ever — despite racking up hit comic vehicles and an even higher number of quotable lines, Ferrell has never reprised a role for the purpose of a sequel, choosing to let Jackie Moon, Frank The Tank and Ricky Bobby exist in lone, hilarious films.

If “Anchorman 2″ is happening, could more Ferrell-led sequels follow? With multiple box office smashes accrued in his 44 years, the man could feasibly live off of sequels and keep everybody happy for the next decade. Here are the five Will Ferrell movies that deserve a second go-round — we’re not holding our breath that these projects will actually happen, but if Ron, Brian, Champ and Brick can get back together, who knows what else the future may bring?

–Jason Lipshutz

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