Five Things We Learned from Beyonce’s Tumblr Page


The wait is over for Beyonce stans, Jay-Z fans, and people who just want to know a bit more of Bey’s business– the diva has launched her Tumblr page to mark the fourth anniversary of her marriage to Jay-Z. Filled with intimate photos from Beyonce’s life on and off the scene, the latest personal offering from the mega star is filled with fun and emotional moments. From cutesy stills of her and her hubby, to candid sisterly bonding with Solange, the site makes Bey a little less larger-than-life. After surveying the photos and videos, here are a few things we learned about Mrs. Carter.

1. She really smokes cigars.
Yes, we’ve seen her light one up for a few of her videos like “Me, Myself and I,” “Sugar Mama,” and “Diva,” but these pictures look like she’s a pro off-set as well. Looks like Bey has a gangster side.

2. She’s a Connect Four pro.
Just call her Queen Bey of Connect Four. This only makes sense: it’s her favorite number, so it’s her favorite game. She’s not only winning in her career, she’s winning in classic children’s games as well.

3. In her off time, it’s curly hair over straight hair.
In most of her pictures on Tumblr, Bey is rocking the curly/wavy loook with her honey blonde tresses. Rarely is she captured with bone straight hair while hugged up with hubby Jay-Z or making funny faces in the camera. Could it be because she loves the water and curly hair is easier to maintain? Perhaps.

4. Blue Ivy’s name was picked out early.
On a nice morning walk with Jay, Bey is captured in a video next to a tree laced with blue ivy. Here, the couple took the opportunity to document the sighting, and Bey states: “I think it’s blue ivy, which would be quite appropriate.” She doesn’t seem that far along in the video, which was taken shortly after her VMA announcement. P.S.- She was rocking the blue nails before we knew what they meant.

5. She has a secret Destiny’s Child handshake.
To the tune of the Inspector Gadget theme song, Bey and fellow child of destiny Michelle Williams are captured doing a handshake while singing “Respect my gangsta.” In fact, she calls it the “super secret don’t mess with us because we are hot but still mean business handshake.” We hear that!

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–Compiled by Iyana Robertson

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