G-Dep Found Guilty of Second Degree Murder


After two full days of deliberation, jurors finally delivered their verdict: Travelle “G. Dep” Coleman was found guilty of second degree murder.

The former Bad Boy rapper was suspect in a cold case involving the shooting and death of 32-year-old John Henkel back in 1993. While Coleman had confessed to the shooting, he insists that it was in self defense. But upon reviewing his videotaped confession and police’s homicide logs, not enough evidence was mustered for the jury to come to a different conclusion.

“They just could not get this story straight,” Coleman’s attorney, Anthony Ricco, said during his closing arguments. “Are we talking about the same event? I’m begging you to go into the jury room and use your common sense.”

Coleman could face time behind bars for a minimum of 15 years and a possible life sentence.

“Trevell is a very courageous person, very different of people from this era: he has a conscience and a heart,” Ricco told reporters. “God doesn’t leave you in the deep water to drown and hopefully Trevell won’t drown.”

Coleman’s sentence is scheduled for Tuesday, May 8. –Tanya Chen